Ceramic Industry

Keith Tunnel Kiln Installation Exceeds Expectations

October 7, 2002
Keith Co. recently engineered, constructed and commissioned a fully automated, 120-ft-long, gas-fired, ceramic fiber-insulated car tunnel kiln for Gainey Ceramics, a manufacturer of garden pottery and private label ceramic tile. The new kiln replaced several large fiber-lined envelope kilns and provides additional firing capacity. After several months of operation, Gainey Ceramics has experienced fuel savings of about 60% per pound of fired ware, reduced firing losses by more than 20% due to control accuracy, and reduced labor costs by 25-30% based on improved material flow to and from the kiln. The company has also found that controllability of glaze colors and color consistency has increased due to the control accuracy and temperature uniformity of the kiln to within +/- 10F.

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