Ceramic Industry

KEMET Consolidates Ceramic and Film and Electrolytics Business Groups

April 5, 2010

KEMET Corp. recently announced that it will combine its Ceramic and Film and Electrolytics business groups to generate synergies and accelerate the activities needed to enhance the operational performance of the former Film and Electrolytic (F&E) Business Group. Chuck Meeks, formerly senior vice president of the Ceramic Business Group, has been appointed to lead the newly organized group, effective immediately.

"We believe that the consolidation of these two businesses will capitalize on the Ceramic team's proven track record of consistently demonstrated restructuring capabilities, enabling it to continue to manage the successful performance of the Ceramic business unit while also applying its experience to the planned restructuring activities of the F&E business unit,” said Per Loof, KEMET's CEO. “The Ceramic Business Group has been able to maintain and even improve its performance during the recent challenging business cycle, and this combination will bring a strong management team to our plan to bolster the operating results of the F&E unit, strengthening our overall financial performance and providing additional shareholder value.”

Additional information is available at www.kemet.com.