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KEMET to Manufacture Standard DC Film Capacitors in Mexico (posted 11/18/09)

November 18, 2009

KEMET Corp. recently announced that it is preparing its Monterrey, Mexico, Guadalupe Campus to manufacture standard DC film capacitors. “This is the first of many steps that we will be taking to restructure this business group to lower our manufacturing cost through moving production to lower-cost centers and leaning out any waste within production,” said Per Loof, CEO. “There are great opportunities for our Film and Electrolytic Business Group in the Americas. We are seeing real growth in many of the markets for which these products are used, such as alternative energy. Additionally, this move positions us closer to the growing Americas customer markets, allowing us to work in partnership on the design-in phase of projects that is so important with these technologies.”

This new manufacturing capability in North America is in addition to the U.S. Department of Energy grant the company previously announced regarding new power film and electrolytic manufacturing capabilities at its Simpsonville, S.C., campus. It is expected that equipment will be transferred to Monterrey over the December holiday period, with production beginning 90-120 days later.

“As a result of the utilization of lean manufacturing techniques, the Ceramic Business Group has been able to reduce the amount of required floor space to support Ceramic operations in the Guadalupe Campus by 50%,” said Kirk Shockley, vice president of the Film and Electrolytic Business Group. “This move will allow the Film and Electrolytic Business Group to support our current and future customers for standard film products in the Americas region through improved logistical responsiveness. Additionally, we will see reduced manufacturing cost through the synergies of producing in a lower-cost environment and sharing infrastructure costs.”

Additional information is available at www.kemet.com.