Ceramic Industry

Kennametal: Carbide Drills

August 27, 2002
Kennametal has introduced a new line of solid carbide drills with a special cutting geometry that reduces thrust 20% to avoid bending thin-wall, high-temperature alloy parts. Conventional drills are ground with flat chisel points that push and tear the material as they enter the cut. The new Sculptured Edge (SE) 284 and SE 285 drills have a special positive-rake chisel point with an extremely large active cutting area that substantially reduces stress and provides freer chip flow when machining high-temperature alloys and other work hardening materials. "These new generation drills have a higher positive rake angle than current SE drills, so they are ideal for cutting high-temperature alloys such as Inconel and Rene 41, titanium, titanium alloys and other materials used in the aerospace and medical industries," said Allen Poponick, product manager.

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