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KMI Research: Published Report of Optical Fiber and Cable Industry

March 12, 2003
KMI Research recently published the latest version of its annual report, "Worldwide Markets for Optical Fiber and Fiberoptic Cable: Market Developments and Forecast." Beginning in mid-2001 and extending through 2002, fiber and cable manufacturers have had to confront the collapse of the telecom market, which has led to a steep decline in fiberoptic cable sales. The industry is meeting this challenge by shutting down and "moth-balling" factories, consolidating facilities and reducing staff. The result is a rapidly changing landscape for fiber and cable suppliers. KMI has tracked these changes and published them in the report. For example, the report shows that plant closings have reduced the number of fiber-manufacturing facilities from a peak of 65 in 2000 to 46 that were operational for at least part of 2002. Recent plant closings mean that the number of facilities could decrease again in 2003.

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