Ceramic Industry

Kodansha America: "How To Build Your Own Kiln"

February 16, 2004
Many potters dream of the day when they will build a kiln of their own. Others may simply wish to make better use of the kiln they currently have or the one they use in someone else's studio. At the same time, ceramics connoisseurs may want to know more about how ceramics are made. For all of these people, "Building Your Own Kiln: Three Japanese Potters Give Advice and Instruction" provides a starting place for interest in the fine art of pottery. Published by Kodansha America and available in April 2004 ($25), this new book presents the knowledge and experience that three master Japanese potters, Hiromi Itabashi, Roppo Tamur and Naoki Kawabuchi, have gained from constructing their own kilns. Illustrated with numerous diagrams and photographs, the book provides simple and professional instruction on how to build a small kiln quickly, efficiently and economically.

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