Ceramic Industry

Kyocera Expands Solar Module Production Capacity

January 26, 2011

Kyocera Corp. has announced it is increasing its solar module production capacity with the start of construction of its second plant in Kadan, Czech Republic, and the completion of an expanded assembly plant in Tianjin, China.

Kyocera recently started construction of its second solar module assembly plant in the Czech Republic. The new facility is set to be completed this fall and will have an annual capacity of 360 megawatts (MW), combining with the existing Czech plant for a total of 560 MW per year-the largest solar module assembly site in the Kyocera Group. The new plant will be built near the company’s existing Czech plant, which has been supplying solar modules to Europe. The existing plant has already supplied the company’s modules for various large-scale projects, including a total of 53.1 MW for three solar power plants in Spain.

For additional details, visit http://global.kyocera.com.