Ceramic Industry

Kyocera U.S. Division Says No Cuts Coming

September 19, 2001
The U.S. holding company for seven subsidiaries of high-tech ceramics group Kyocera Corp. said reports of large-scale job cuts at its U.S. operations were incorrect. Kyocera officials in Japan had said recently that the company would cut 10,000 jobs, representing almost 20% of its global staff of 51,000, with many of the cuts to come in the U.S. But in what it said was a clarification, San Diego, Calif.-based Kyocera International issued a statement saying that this was incorrect. "In fact, the job cuts were part of a global workforce reduction that Kyocera initiated in April 2001 and had largely completed by July 31, 2001," the company said. "Kyocera continues to reduce its cost structure through a variety of activities in response to market conditions," the company quoted Rodney Lanthorne, president of Kyocera International, Inc. and a senior managing director of Kyocera Corp., as saying. "Further workforce reductions will take place only after all other reasonable countermeasures have been implemented," he said.