Ceramic Industry

L&L Kiln Mfg.,Inc.: New Line of Top Loading Electric Kilns

February 13, 2003
L&L Kiln Mfg., Inc. will soon introduce a new line of Easy-Fire top loading electric kilns designed to be easy to purchase, operate and maintain. These new kilns include ceramic element holders that protect the firebrick and the elements, ceramic protection tubes for thermocouples, three zone automatic control with four Easy-Fire ceramic programs, refractory coating for firebrick, ceramic terminal blocks with stainless terminals, large full-bore peepholes with solid cast peephole plugs, a sturdy aluminized kiln stand and corrosion resistant materials throughout. In addition, the company's locking Easy-Lift spring hinge tilts away from the opening of the kiln and requires no intrusive lid supports. The kilns will be released for sale at the end of March 2003.

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