Ceramic Industry

LaserComp: Expanded Termal Conductivity Instrument Line

October 15, 2003
The FOX line of thermal conductivity instruments from LaserComp has been expanded to include testing of intermediate conductivity materials. FOX50 is a microprocessor-based instrument for testing in accordance with ASTM C 518 and ISO 8301. It is designed for testing the thermal conductivity of materials, including polymers, composite materials, low conductivity ceramics, glasses, etc., in the conductivity range of 0.1W/mK to 10W/mK. The instrument tests up to 64 mm diameter specimens from 0 to 25 mm thick (2.5 in. diameter, 0 to 1 in. thick), and the actual metering area is 25 mm (1 in.) square. Both instrument plates utilize solid-state heating/cooling and can operate between 0 and 110C (32 and 230F).

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