Ceramic Industry

Leadership Award In Nanomaterials Commercialization Goes To Degussa

December 2, 2004
Degussa AG Advanced Nanomaterials was recently presented with the Leadership in Nanomaterials Commercialization award at Business Communication Co.'s (BCC) Nanomaterials 2004 conference in Stamford, Ct. The conference recognized Degussa AG Advanced Nanomaterials for showing the most leadership in nanomaterials commercialization. The winner was selected by an online voting process. Launched in January 2003 as an independent business unit of Degussa AG, Degussa Advanced Nanomaterials has developed several new nanoscale materials for applications ranging from sunscreen and cosmetics to high-tech industrial uses. For instance, its nanoscale ceria offers high levels of abrasivity, ionic conductivity, catalytic activity and UV absorbance, making it ideal for applications in the wafer industry, fuel cells, catalysis and ceramics. Its nanoscale zinc oxide combines high UV absorbency with transparency and has good absorptive properties for the elimination of sulfur compounds from waste gases.

For additional information, http://www.advancednanomaterials.com or http://www.bccresearch.com.