Ceramic Industry

LECO Corp.: Alumina Crucibles and Ladles

May 17, 2004
LECO Corp. offers alumina open-pour melting crucibles and alumina bottom-pour transfer ladles. These products are ideal for high-temperature melting (up to 3200F) of steel, aluminum, chromium, copper, iron, manganese, silver, nickel and cobalt-based metals. Also made from material such as fused silica, zircon and mullite, all of the company's ceramic products are produced using a patented injection molding process. The result is consistent uniformity in density and dimension, resistance to thermal shock, and cleaner heats with less slag buildup. Alumina open-pour melting crucibles range in capacity from 17 to 75 lbs, while the alumina transfer ladles offer 90- to 600-lb capacities.

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