Ceramic Industry

LEO Electron Microscopy Group: New FESEM Family

August 18, 2003
LEO Electron Microscopy Group, a Carl Zeiss SMT AG subsidiary, has introduced a new family of ULTRA(TM) field emission scanning electron microscopes (FESEMs), which provide ultra-high-resolution topographic and compositional imaging combined with a fully analytical specimen chamber. The new microscope comprises a fully integrated backscattered electron detector system and has been modeled after the company's LEO SUPRA series FESEM. The new EsB detector is positioned in the GEMINI electron optical column directly above the high-efficiency In-lens SE detector. Whereas the In-lens SE detector is used for clear imaging of surface details with secondary electrons, the EsB detector is used for imaging with backscattered electrons, giving compositional information about the specimen surface.

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