Ceramic Industry

LFI Machining Offers Advanced Opportunities

January 9, 2001
LFI Machining Inc. has established a new 15,000-square-foot manufacturing and sales facility located in West Sacramento, Calif. LFI Machining was created to fulfill the increasing demand for highly sophisticated ceramic and metal components with increasingly tighter tolerance required in today's market. LFI is specifically built to support the ceramic and metal industry, such has automotive, defense, lamp, laser, medical, microwave, petroleum and semiconductor industries. The materials manufactured by LFI are machined and lapped the same way as conventional methods, but what sets the company apart from competitors is the implementation of automation, robotics and improved machine utilization and efficiency. The company plans to hold an open house on February 9, 2001, to show customers and prime contractors its skills and capabilities.

For additional information, call (916) 372-8593, fax (916) 372- 8526 or e-mail lfimachining@mindspring.com< /a>.

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