Ceramic Industry

Lightnin: Attrition Srubber Brochure

January 8, 2003
Lightnin recently announced the development of its new four-page, full-color "Attrition Scrubbers" brochure. Traditionally, attrition scrubbers have removed surface particles and contamination from a wide range of materials, including platinum and palladium, glass, sand, phosphate, coal, slaked lime, copper, nickel, kaolin and plastic recycling. To ensure the viability of the attrition scrubbing process, Lightnin has made changes to the basic designs of its systems. Changes include identical drive and tank cells, allowing for flexibility in process and backup in case of failure; a fully baffled attritioning chamber, eliminating vortexing, which reduces localized wear on the bottom of the tank and increases productive particle collisions; and a fully enclosed and baffled attritioning chamber to ensure controlled retention time.

For more information, call (888) MIX-BEST or (585) 527-1623, or visit http://www.lightninmixers.com .