Ceramic Industry

LIPPERT: New Polisher

July 21, 2004

LIPPERT recently introduced an innovative polishing solution combining high quality with low costs. The newly developed AV 600/500 polisher is based on the company's time-tested inline polishing concept for plates and bowls (patent-pending). With its radial diamond wet polishing action, the polisher brings top-level polishing quality to even noncircular articles and bases. The article to be polished rests on a non-slip lining and arrives upside down (i.e., base up) at the polishing heads. The polishing heads carrying the polishing belts then descend onto each stationary article, and the article base is polished by the rotating polishing heads. Article indexing through the inline polishing machine is done by a basic and uncomplicated conveyor system.

The company's website is located at http://www.lippert.de