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Lithium Battery Fabrication Lab Installed at Penn State

January 18, 2011

Pred Materials International has announced that a laboratory unit that will enable students to work with all phases of advanced lithium-ion battery experimentation has been installed at Pennsylvania State University. Students will be able to quickly convert research ideas and improved battery designs from the drawing board to test models.

The line of 18650 lithium battery assembly machines for laboratories was designed by Hohsen Corp., Osaka, Japan, and is distributed by Pred. The laboratory-scale fabrication line for making experimental batteries consists of eight machines, each with a special function: a coating machine, a tabletop roll press, a manual slitter, a resistance welder, a semi-automatic winder, an 18650 can groover, an electrolyte filler and an 18650 can crimper.

“Students operating the fabrication equipment line will gain unique training critically needed to support the lithium-ion battery manufacturing industry currently emerging in the U.S,” said Chao-Yang Wang, Ph.D., distinguished professor of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering at Penn State and director of the Electrochemical Engine Center. Richard Steinberger, Ph.D., laboratory director and research scientist, oversaw the installation, assisted by several post-graduate students.

For additional details, visit http://mtrl1.mne.psu.edu or www.predmaterials.com.