Ceramic Industry

LMI Selcom: Glass Thickness Laser Sensor

January 7, 2002
LMI Selcom has introduced a Class II visible laser sensor and controller capable of measuring flat glass thickness and profile at a speed of 2000 readings per second for high performance applications requiring reliable and repeatable results in quality control environments. Durable and efficient, the glass thickness sensor (GTS) uses laser triangulation to measure flat panel glass up to 1.5 mm thick and other glass up to 4 mm thick. The sensor sends a laser onto the glass at an angle of 49 degrees from perpendicular. A single line of incident laser light appears on both surfaces of the glass being measured and reflects back into the sensor detector. As the relative distance between the sensor and measured surface changes, the position of the image on the detector changes proportionally, making it possible to measure the location of the measured surface accurately and consistently.

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