Ceramic Industry

Look on the Bright Side

August 4, 2008

The high cost of oil is causing many of us to change the way we view and use our cars. Gasoline prices are truly astronomical these days, and the resulting continued extra cost is really taking their toll on us as consumers. Many of us are tightening our budgets and taking measures to lessen our gas use. Personally, I’ve been trying very hard to drive at least at the posted speed limit, if not more slowly (it’s killing me, but I’m really trying!). I also break out the bike instead of hopping in the car to run errands around town.

The good news is, I’m not alone. People all around the country are driving more slowly. I’m sure we’ve all seen the same news reports about lessened rates of traffic accidents and fatalities. If that’s not good news, I’m not sure what qualifies. And there’s no doubt that, as a society, we can certainly benefit from the exercise we get from walking or riding a bike vs. driving.

We can also view the current challenging economic situation as an opportunity to work smarter. We can evaluate existing processes to find less expensive methods of achieving the same goal, or perhaps take a look at our supply chain and discover additional cost-saving mechanisms.

In “Freight Focus,” his new CI column, George Muha will detail a multitude of cost-saving transportation strategies. His first column discussed the concept of freight consolidation. “It is amazing what a little shipment consolidation to the same customer can do to the cost per pound,” he writes. One company was able to save about $5200 a year by consolidating their shipments. A link to the full text of the column is below.

What cost-saving strategies have you incorporated into your business? Please share your insights and experiences by posting a comment at the bottom of the page.