Ceramic Industry

Lucas: Emission Control Services

November 20, 2000
Lucas Process Systems, Inc. is focused on improving air emissions of global industrial production through understanding of the process, retrofitting of existing equipment, providing compliance monitoring devices and installing economical and efficient turn-key systems. Before creating a new system, the company first establishes a clear understanding of the process and control requirements. The company's analysis can reveal the pros and cons of upgrading current equipment versus going to a new system. Process reviews can help determine if minor modifications to current processes will significantly improve emission quality while extending the service life of existing controls. And compliance assurance monitoring is also available to be sure that pollution control equipment is operating efficiently and effectively as part of the overall process.

For additional information, call (704) 541-8135, fax (704) 541- 8184, e-mail Lucas@Perigee.net or visit if (!NREUMQ.f) { NREUMQ.f=function() { NREUMQ.push(["load",new Date().getTime()]); var e=document.createElement("script"); e.type="text/javascript"; e.src=(("http:"===document.location.protocol)?"http:":"https:") + "//" + "js-agent.newrelic.com/nr-100.js"; document.body.appendChild(e); if(NREUMQ.a)NREUMQ.a(); }; NREUMQ.a=window.onload;window.onload=NREUMQ.f; }; NREUMQ.push(["nrfj","beacon-5.newrelic.com","1f4fc87457","370693","Ig1XR0VWWF1XR05SFxULWl9SShtBQFwPRw==",0,103,new Date().getTime(),"","","","",""]);