Ceramic Industry

Lucifer Furnaces, Inc.: Electric Recirculating Oven

April 10, 2007

Lucifer Furnaces, Inc.: Electric Recirculating Oven Model 4GT-T30 from Lucifer Furnaces, Inc. is a heavy-duty, inert atmosphere gas-tight recirculating oven capable of operation from 200 to 1400°F. Featuring a welded and gasketed heavy-gauge outer shell, double pivot gasketed door, and a rear wall stainless fan for horizontal air flow, GT models provide uniform heat with inert protective atmosphere. The interior of the chamber is lined with a multi-layer combination of lightweight firebrick and block insulation to minimize heat loss. The stainless liner baffles the work area from the direct radiation of the heating elements, making it ideal for tempering, drawing, preheating and annealing applications.

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