Ceramic Industry

MAC Expands Operations, Opens New Facility

April 1, 2002
Morgan Advanced Ceramics (MAC) recently announced the opening of a new facility in Hayward, Calif. The 214,000-square-foot facility will serve as the MAC-Americas corporate headquarters, as well as the new manufacturing site for WESGO Metals and WESGO Ceramics. The Hayward site allocates 130,000 square feet for WESGO Ceramics and 60,000 square feet for the metals division. Both factories will use the same environmentally safe, closed-looped wastewater treatment plant to ensure zero discharge of wastewater. They will also use the same process gases. By combining the R&D effort in one shared facility, MAC will be able to better manage the physical interface in ceramic-to-metal assemblies. The facility will also have a dedicated metallizing paint manufacturing area, allowing the company to manage the entire metallizing system.

For additional information, call (508) 998-9012, fax (508) 998-1962 or visit http://www.morganadvancedceramics.com.