Ceramic Industry

Magneco/Matrel: Nanotechnology For Furnaces

March 28, 2005
Magneco/Metrel, Inc. recently announced that its spray-on nanoparticulate refractory, known as Met-Silcast(TM), is now available for furnace construction and repair in the glass, petrochemical and copper industries. "An original development of Magneco/Metrel, this is advanced refractory technology with time-tested and important new benefits," said Charles W. Connors, Sr., chief executive officer. "Its impact has been revolutionary because it can be applied in hours, instead of weeks or months, to create a low-cost, endlessly renewable furnace lining that improves end-product quality and operational performance, while dramatically reducing downtime as well as construction and maintenance costs." Met-Silcast consists of a pumpable, colloidal silica-bonded, monolithic refractory material that offers many advantages over traditional brick refractory.

For additional information, call (630) 543-6660 or visit http://www.magneco-metrel.com.