Ceramic Industry


January 11, 2006

Magneco/Metrel, Inc. has announced an innovative system for glass furnace construction featuring three of the company's advanced Metpump cement-free nanoparticulate refractory products: Metpump C190 G, Metpump AZS and Met-Silcast. "These complementary Metpump products have performed extremely well in the repair of glass furnaces, and are now being used in the construction of new furnaces," said Charles W. Connors, Sr., president of Magneco/Metrel. "The refractories have reduced both cost and installation time, while providing superior performance compared to brick, thereby increasing service life and improving equipment availability." The Metpump family of nanotechnology products consists of pumpable and shotcrete formulations of colloidal silica, Sol-Gel bonded monolithic refractory materials developed to match the demands of different regions of a furnace.
For additional details, call (630) 543-6660 or visit www.magneco-metrel.com