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Mason Color Announces Inventory Policy Changes (posted 5/28/08)

May 28, 2008

Mason Color Works Inc. recently announced a major change to the number of pigments that it will hold in inventory and that will be available as complete colors. The company will be reducing the number of inventoried pigments from around 160 to around 100. Each color section will be impacted, some more severely than others. All of Mason Color’s existing pigments that are manufactured as single calcinations will continue to be offered as they have been for the last 100-plus years. The majority of “blended” pigments will no longer be held in inventory after the current inventory supply is gone.

A full listing of all blended pigments will be available, including up-to-date inventory levels and the formulas that will enable customers to make their own blends from the large supply of pigments currently being manufactured. Since it is customary in ceramic businesses to blend colors to achieve a desired shade, Mason Color does not expect this change to be a problem. However, the company’s Color Support is available to discuss in detail any questions customers may have regarding means and methods to be able to continue making their colors. The list will be maintained on the Mason Color’s website, including formulas and inventory levels updated each month until they zero out.

For the last century, Mason Color has developed and maintained consistent inventories of both “made” and “blended” pigments. The cost of doing this in the 21st century has become too onerous, which is why the company is making the aforementioned step to enable it to continue to offer the best price, rapid delivery and consistently superb pigments. Although inventory levels will shrink, the capability of Mason Color’s broad palette will not.

All manufactured pigments will be available as always. These pigments will be shown in the new Color Chart and on the website. Prices, delivery and quality will not be affected. For blended colors, customers will be able to manufacture the specific shades they require from the simple percentage-based formulas Mason Color will supply. Limits on ordering volume (10 lbs minimum for any given pigment) will not change. If a blended pigment takes two or three individual stains to manufacture, it will be incumbent on the customer to keep these in their facility so that they can make the desired shades.

Visit www.masoncolor.com for additional information.