Ceramic Industry

MCC Named Exclusive N.A. Distributor For Ankersmid

May 17, 2004
Metropolitan Computing Corp. (MCC) is now the exclusive North American distributor for Ankersmid, offering particle size/concentration and shape analysis instruments. Time-of-transition laser technology does not require refractive indices, calibration or alignment. The digital microscope includes powerful, user-friendly image analysis software. The system does a direct measurement of spherical, non-spherical, fiber, odd shape, transparent, translucent and opaque particles, in broader concentration ranges and higher concentration samples compared to conventional technologies. Stand-alone and on-line systems have accessories for liquid/airborne, on surface or heated particles from 0.1-6000 microns.

MCC can be reached at (973) 887-7800, fax (973) 887-8447, e-mail mail@mcc-online.com or http://www.mcc-online.com.