Ceramic Industry

McGill AirClean Corp: Wet and Dry Electrostatic Precipitator Systems

August 20, 2002
McGill AirClean Corp. has been supplying air pollution control equipment to the glass industry for 40 years and has over 170 installations controlling more than 225 furnaces. McGill AirClean manufactures both wet and dry electrostatic precipitator (EP) systems. Each EP system is designed to provide effective control of particulate emissions, while saving money by minimizing operating costs. Typical applications include all types of glass furnaces, glass coatings, and forming and curing ovens. Wet EPs are proven equipment for curing ovens and forming lines where there is an inherent fire hazard. The company also offers acid gas control systems, which use a variety of chemical reactions to convert gas to particulate. Both spray-dry scrubbers and dry reagent injection systems are available.

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