Ceramic Industry

MECO: Seals for Mixers and Blenders

February 6, 2002
MECO has introduced the latest specialty version of its patented EA-series seals. AH series custom seals are designed to simplify installation, routine cleaning and maintenance. Available split or unsplit, AH seals are used on ribbon blenders, paddle mixers and similar processing machinery, and can even replace lip seals to isolate lube oil in bearings. Seals are fitted with flush water inlet and drain ports for in-place cleanouts. They can be easily removed for bench sanitizing and reinstalled without readjustment. Heavy stainless plate stators ensure long life, despite extensive handling. Split models can be easily assembled on the shaft and bolted into position. The seals incorporate a simple adjustment mechanism and monitoring provisions, allowing operators to perform preventive maintenance before any product leakage can occur.

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