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Metal Powder Shipments Increase in 2000, MPIF Reports

May 30, 2001
North American metal powder shipments hit record levels of 562,633 short tons in 2000, reported Donald G. White, executive director of the Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF). "Through 2000, the P/M industry has experienced nine years of continuous growth," he said. During this nine-year period, the powder metallurgy industry has generated more awareness in the marketplace among design engineers and witnessed improvements in raw materials, processing techniques and improvements in mechanical properties of P/M parts. "It is these positive factors that will help the P/M industry get through the present turndown," White said. "Although the auto market remains the industry's top end-user, other markets such as electronic packaging, cell phones, surgical instruments, wrist watches, ammunition, sporting goods, power tools and hardware are increasing the use of P/M and are enjoying promising growth."

MPIF's website is located at http://www.mpif.org.