Ceramic Industry

Micro CHP System Receives CE Certification

December 7, 2011

Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd. (CFCL) recently announced that its manufacturing partner in France, De Dietrich Thermique, has received CE certification for the CERAMIS POWER micro CHP system powered by Ceramic Fuel Cells’ Gennex® fuel cell module. The first CERAMIS POWER unit will be operated with GDF-Suez, the largest gas retailer in France.

De Dietrich plans to deploy the first 20 CERAMIS POWER units in France, Germany and the Netherlands, beginning in 2012. CFCL will supply the core Gennex fuel cell module and related components to De Dietrich Thermique, which integrates the fuel cell module with a boiler into an integrated product to provide power, hot water, and space heating for homes and other buildings.

For more information, visit www.cfcl.com.au.