Ceramic Industry

Micromeritics Launches Instrument Grant Program (9/5/06)

September 5, 2006
Micromeritics recently launched an Instrument Grant Program intended to provide particle characterization instruments to non-profit universities and research organizations for the purpose of fostering and supporting meritorious research projects. Micromeritics is accepting applications for the new program, and researchers now have the opportunity to acquire the use of expensive particle characterization instrumentation not generally available through other means.

Types of instrumentation that will qualify as donated equipment include particle size analyzers, gas adsorption analyzers, mercury porosimeters, gas pycnometers and chemisorption instrumentation. Since the nature and scope of the instruments that may be requested will vary, it is anticipated that the value of awards will also vary.

For a detailed grant description, as well as application requirements, an application and submission information, visit www.micromeritics.com.