Ceramic Industry

Micromeritics President and Co-Founder Hendrix Passes Away

June 27, 2005
Warren P. Hendrix, president and 1962 co-founder of Micromeritics Instrument Corp., passed away recently at the age of 73. Succeeding W.P. Hendrix as president is Preston Hendrix, assisted by recently named executive vice president, Jeanne Thomas. "The management team remains strong and the direction of the company has not changed," said Clyde Orr, Ph.D., co-founder and chairman of the board of directors. "We remain committed to providing our customers with the same superior products and supporting services that have distinguished Micromeritics in the field of particle science and technology." Micromeritics was one of the first companies to manufacture and market analytical instruments for surface area, porosity, mercury penetration, and sedimentation particle size analyses. Since its founding, the company has expanded into gas pycnometry, static and dynamic physical and chemical adsorption instrumentation, and various methods of particle size determinations.

The company's website is located at http://www.micromeritics.com.