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Millennium Cell Develops Fuel Cell Cartridge Capability (3/20/07)

March 20, 2007

Millennium Cell Inc. has established the manufacturing capability for Hydrogen on Demand® fuel cartridges, a step that will broaden the company’s business model to include commercial sales of standard products. With this development, the company also has the capability to fulfill orders from licensees who package components into customized fuel cartridge designs.

Millenium collaborated with The Dow Chemical Co. and Edison Welding Institute (EWI) to develop manufacturing techniques and select materials for key fuel cartridge components. As a result, the company has constructed a pilot production line to produce fuel cartridges for commercial applications. Within the program, the key components were redesigned with new materials to achieve high reliability and performance at a low cost under military specification environmental conditions.

For additional information, visit www.millenniumcell.com, www.dow.com or www.ewi.org.