Ceramic Industry

Mohr Handles Liquidation of Saint-Gobain's Brantford Kilns (9/5/06)

September 5, 2006
The final liquidation of the Brantford, Ontario, Canada, technical ceramic manufacturing facility of Saint-Gobain is currently taking place with the offer of two high-temperature pusher plate tunnel type kilns with maximum temperatures of up to 1400ÂșC. Manufactured by Drayton and Harrop, these kilns are being sold through the services of the Mohr Corp., with the Brantford real estate being offered directly by and through the Paris, Ontario, operations. (The Paris operations are not affected by this liquidation.)

These high-temperature, late model kilns can be viewed at www.mohrcorp.com until they are sold, which is expected to occur within one month. Contact Mohr for additional information or for a referral to the department handling real estate (including land and buildings).