Ceramic Industry

Mohr to Handle Areva Liquidation (posted 10/23/07)

October 23, 2007

Areva T&D Canada Inc. has contracted exclusively with Mohr Corp. to sell all of the machinery and equipment at its modern high-tension ceramic insulator manufacturing operation. Ceramic manufacturing is being discontinued at the facility, located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and the liquidation is taking place quickly due to changes in Areva’s product lines.

Future manufacturing at this location requires the rapid removal of all ceramic manufacturing machinery to prepare the site for other product lines. All ceramic processing machinery for insulator manufacturing will be sold immediately, either individually or in bulk, by Mohr Corp. for removal by the end of November 2007.

For additional information, call (810) 225-9494, fax (810) 225-4634 or e-mail sales@mohrcorp.com. Mohr’s website is located at www.mohrcorp.com.