Ceramic Industry

Mohr to Handle Grupo Cantarera Liquidation (2/27/07)

February 27, 2007

Grupo Cantarera, S.A. in Mexico City, Mexico, has contracted exclusively with Mohr Corp. to liquidate its surplus ceramic tableware machinery, including Energo electric kilns, a Malkin 280A lining machine and additional items not currently required for production. This machinery was brought to Groupo Cantarera when the company acquired another ceramic tableware production and is not required for Cantarera’s continuing operations.

This agreement is exclusive to Mohr through its Mohr-Mexicana services. It brings to five the major surplus machinery liquidation projects now underway in Mexico as Mohr assists its customers in Mexico to modernize and expand ceramic tableware, sanitaryware and tile manufacturing operations.

For additional information, call (810) 225-9494 or e-mail sales@mohrcorp.com. Mohr’s website is located at www.mohrcorp.com.