Ceramic Industry

Morgan Advanced Ceramics: Diamond-Like Coating

May 22, 2002
Morgan Advanced Ceramics (MAC) has introduced its Diamonex(R) diamond-like coating (DLC). Diamonex DLC, which is available in either electrically insulating or charge dissipating forms, is a high-performance surface coating that provides ceramic hardness, excellent chemical resistance and low friction. Ideal for applications in the semiconductor and electronics industries, as well as clean room environments, the new coating is used for reducing particulate shedding from substrates, increasing wear life and reducing surface friction of ceramic, glass and plastic products. Using patented plasma or ion beam chemical vapor deposition (CVD), MAC has created a coating with chemical and physical properties similar to diamond, but without long range crystalline order.

For more information, e-mail info@diamonex.com or visit http://www.morganadvancedceramics.com.