Ceramic Industry

Morgan Technical Ceramics Announces Transducer Assembly Capabilities

September 3, 2010

Morgan Technical Ceramics’ (MTC) ElectroCeramics business has announced its large-volume assembly capability for piezoelectric assemblies and transducers for medical, aerospace, industrial, oceanographic, commercial, automotive, and state-of-the-art research applications. MTC uses CNC machining and automated assembly equipment such as custom assembly fixturing, high-speed pick and place, adhesives dispensers, high-volume polarization, electrode application, auto calibration, and serialized testing and data collection to meet its customers’ high-volume requirements.

MTC has extensive piezoelectric material experience and an applications knowledge base of transducer design and construction ranging from prototypes to high-volume requirements. Customers can shorten lead times and expand their product capabilities by using a single source for both a piezoelectric material provider and transducer manufacturer.

“MTC has successfully provided large volumes of transducers to the industry for 30 years, all while the level of sophistication for these applications has increased,” said Gary Caprio, Business Unit manager. “MTC has grown its technical capabilities to meet the challenges presented by its customers for the products of today and face the new developments of the future.”

For more information, visit www.morgantechnicalceramics.com.