Ceramic Industry

Morgan Technical Ceramics Receives Trademark for Textured Alumina

December 9, 2011

Morgan Technical Ceramics (MTC) recently announced it has received a U.S. trademark for Sharkskin™ high-roughness textured alumina material, which is manufactured at its site in Hayward, Calif. Sharkskin reportedly provides a high-roughness surface texture integral to the alumina base material. The roughened surface can improve process residue adhesion for film processes, primarily for physical vapor deposition (PVD), plasma-enhanced PVD and chemical vapor deposition (CVD). The improved adhesion can enhance equipment productivity by extending service life, reducing overall particulate defects and reducing the total number of preventative maintenance cycles per chamber.

Used primarily for reactor domes, shields and cover rings, Sharkskin can serve as a foundation to help the twin-wire arc spray (TWAS) layer adhere better to the base ceramic, doubling TWAS adhesion. Sharkskin can also eliminate the need to re-grit blast parts after each cleaning, because the roughness is permanent and doesn’t degrade with multiple uses and cleaning.

“Today’s thinner integrated circuits demand better film adhesion,” said Ed Tomasek, manager of new business development. “Advancements in process residue adhesion decrease chip defects and increase yields. Since adhesion is improved by roughening surfaces, Sharkskin offers an excellent option to replace or complement such traditional ceramic roughening methods as grit blasting or TWAS.”

For more information, visit www.morgantechnicalceramics.com.