Ceramic Industry

Nabertherm: Fast Firing Kiln

May 24, 2001
Decorating of porcelain and ceramics is generally done in tunnel or roller kilns. For special product ranges, small and flexible kilns are often used. The new Nabertherm infrared-heated fast firing kiln, IR 500/90, is an improved economical alternative for decorating at temperatures of up to 900oC. Some of the features include exchangeable tables; no standstills; working temperatures of approximately 820oC; state-of-the-art program controller for temperature regulation; and long service life, guaranteed by special fibre insulation and infrared heating elements. These and other technical features result in special advantages, including extremely short processes, up to five decorating cycles per day; economical excellence due to low capital and operating costs, especially energy and labor; and simple installation.For additional information, call (302) 322-3665, fax (302) 322-3215, e-mail contact@nabertherm-usa.com visit http://www.nabertherm-usa.com.