Ceramic Industry

NanoMech Acquires Canadian Nano Technologies

January 17, 2011

NanoMech Inc. recently announced it has acquired Canadian Nano Technologies LLC (Canano). Canano provides custom-engineered nanopowders designed to solve unique problems, adding value to products that span multiple industries including electronics, agriculture, solar energy, and aerospace. NanoMech is a designer and manufacturer of nanoparticle-based additives, coatings, and coating deposition systems.

“We’re excited about this acquisition as it brings Canano’s novel nanomaterial production capability and new knowledge jobs into our technology portfolio, creating important synergies that will benefit our current products and those under development,” said Jim Phillips, chairman and CEO of NanoMech. “It also accelerates our entry into new markets depending on nano-scale solutions such as electronics, agriculture, and the aerospace industry, where Canano has a good customer base and a great reputation for quality products.”

“Our customers have seen the value that our custom-engineered nanopowders bring to their products, and as a result the demand for our materials is growing rapidly,” said Richard Tacker, founder and CEO of Canano. “By joining NanoMech, we can take advantage of their excellent management team, nanomanufacturing expertise, and scale up our production capacity to serve existing and future customers.”

For additional details, visit www.CanadianNano.com or www.nanomech.biz.