Ceramic Industry

Nanophase Qualifies Product to Navy Specification

September 29, 2000
Nanophase Technologies Corp. has developed and qualified an additional product in the NanoClad™ metal oxide family for use in thermal spray coatings for high reliability applications on United States naval vessels. In cooperation with A&A Co., Inc., a certified Navy contractor, Nanophase has developed nanocrystalline metal oxides providing performance advantages that significantly exceed the requirements of MIL-SPEC 1687A, “Thermal Spray Processes for Naval Ship Machinery Applications.”

The developed technology and materials are also believed to have significant, direct implications for a broad range of commercial applications in automotive, energy and other markets. The company’s thermal spray materials will be used to repair worn or eroded metal parts on naval vessels; as a substitute for conventional ceramic coatings where enhanced properties are needed for longevity; replacement of hard chrome in situations where the use of NanoClad™ would reduce galvanic corrosion or buildup of calcareous deposits; and wear resistant coatings in situations where coatings could not previously be used because of limitations in conventional coating properties.