Ceramic Industry

Nanophase Technologies Corp.: Nanomaterial Coating

August 15, 2001
Nanophase Technologies Corp. recently announced the availability of three types of transparent, functional coatings. These transparent coatings are enabled by the unique nanocrystalline particles produced by Nanophase's patented Physical Vapor Synthesis (PVS) process. The nanocrystalline particles have a small particle size, narrow particle size distribution, and, coupled with the company's recently announced dispersion technology, can be stably dispersed in a wide range of solvents and resins. The new advances fall into three current application areas -- transparent coatings designed to protect against ultraviolet and infrared radiation (similar in concept to the company's already successful sunscreen products, but designed for industrial uses), transparent wear resistant coatings, and conductive anti-static coatings.

Additional information about transparent functional coatings may be obtained by calling (630) 771-6729 or e-mailing docfreed@nanophase.com. The company's website is located at http://www.nanophase.com.