Ceramic Industry

Nanophase Technologies Corp.: Nanomaterials

April 16, 2003
Nanophase Technologies Corp. recently announced that its family of high surface area, very pure nanocrystalline rare earth oxides is commercially available. These nanomaterials are targeted for a wide range of potential applications, including fuel cells, chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP), ultrafine polishing, catalytic converters and catalysis. Available for the first time in commercial quality and quantities, these nanostructured materials are single- or multi-element rare earth oxides that are combined in a single-phase crystal. Ratios of mixed rare earth oxides may be adjusted based on customer application. The nanomaterials are produced using the company's proprietary, patent pending technology, NanoArc Synthesis(TM), which Nanophase developed over the past two years and initially commercialized for the CMP market with Rodel, a division of Rohm & Haas Corp.

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