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Neeves Receives Acme Brick President's Award (posted 3/5/08)

March 5, 2008

Tony Neeves, Acme Brick Co.’s Midwest region production manager, was awarded the President’s Award at the company’s recent annual meeting. The award is presented annually to the Acme Brick employee whose efforts reflect the type of performance that has made the company successful over its 117-year history. Specifically, candidates must demonstrate measured improvement in their area of responsibility and extraordinary service to Acme Brick and its customers.

Neeves has many areas of responsibility, including supervision of Acme’s brick plants in Kanopolis, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Fort Smith and Denver. His region was the top-performing region for Acme in 2006-2007.

“A key to the success of these plants lies in Tony’s dedication to and skill in developing people, products, and relationships,” said Ed Watson, Acme’s senior vice president of production. “Through the years, many of Acme’s most successful and respected managers have worked directly for Tony. Several of today’s current plant managers were developed under Tony’s leadership, many having worked their way up through the ranks. These managers and their positive impact on the profitability of Acme may be one of Tony’s greatest legacies.

“Some of Acme’s most well-known, enduring brick products were developed under Tony’s guidance. These include Highland Gray, English Oaks and Charlestown. Under Tony, the Midwest region has historically been a recognized leader in regards to environmental matters. In fact, six of the 29 Annual Environmental Excellence Award recipients are MWP region plant managers. A manager from the MWP region has garnered top honors twice in the seven years of the program.”

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