Ceramic Industry

NETZSCH-CONDUX(R): Size Reduction Solutions

January 12, 2004
NETZSCH-CONDUX(R) manufactures size reduction solutions for various markets, including abrasives, carbon black, ceramics, food, graphite, minerals, pigments, powder coatings, toner and many more. The company's full range of equipment, including jet mills, classifiers, granulators, plastcompactors and others, is designed to reduce the particle size of dry materials by impact or attrition. Models range in size from small laboratory scaled machines to large production sized solutions. The company also has the ability to test the machinery in the NETZSCH Technical Center. Covering over 16,500 square feet, this facility includes three wet and two dry processing suites, an equipment washroom, an isolated hazardous material storage area, an analytical laboratory, office suites, and client and training conference rooms.

For additional information, call (610) 363-8010, fax (610) 363-0971, e-mail grinding@netzschusa.com or visit http://www.netzschusa.com .