Ceramic Industry

NETZSCH-CONDUX(R): Universal Mill

February 26, 2005
NETZSCH-CONDUX(R) manufactures the flexible, high-speed Universal Mill CUM, which is applicable in the production of chemicals, industrial minerals, pharmaceuticals/nutraceuticals, pigments, plastics, rubber, spices/herbs, sugar and other food products. Precise control of particle size distribution ensures no over- or undersize particles. The result is ultimate control of product consistency. The high flexibility of the mill allows efficient processing of materials between 50 and 2000 um. Depending on the material and desired end product fineness, easily interchangeable grinding elements, such as blast and pin rotors, enable adaptation to differing needs, resulting in optimum performance.

For additional information, call (610) 363-8010, fax (610) 363-0971, e-mail grinding@netzschusa.com or visit http://www.netzschusa.com.