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NETZSCH-CONDUX to Present Grinding System at ACHEMA (posted 4/14/09)

April 14, 2009

NETZSCH-CONDUX Mahltechnik GmbH will present a development in the field of dry grinding in the form of the new S-JET® system at the 2009 ACHEMA 2009 exhibition, to be held May 11-15 in Frankfurt, Germany. Representing the newest development in jet milling, the process enables final finenesses in the submicron range.

Contrary to the conventional dry grinding method of jet milling, the S-JET system uses overheated steam as a grinding gas in fluidized bed jet mills. Because steam has a higher sonic velocity than air, the system can achieve a substantially higher circumferential speed of the gas flow within the classifier. Therefore, the acceleration of the particles increases as well, enabling the classification of finer particles.

In addition, steam provides a higher flow of energy compared to air. Jet velocities of up to 1200 m/s can be achieved, and the kinetic impact of the product particles within the fluidized bed increases fourfold. This leads to an increase in mill throughput compared to the throughputs obtained during operation with air (more than double).

Additional details are available at www.netzsch-grinding.com.