Ceramic Industry

NETZSCH Grinding & Dispersing: New General Brochure

January 8, 2004
The Grinding & Dispersing Division of NETZSCH Inc. has published a new four-page color brochure highlighting the division's complete range of coarse to ultra-fine particle size reduction equipment. NETZSCH's proven expertise and experience with fine grinding and processing applications is outlined in this brochure, and an application chart lists the entire product line and most common applications. The company's media milling, powder processing, dispersing, deaerating and filling machines are all designed and adapted for long-term reliability, durability and cost efficiency. Available in various approved materials of construction, these machines range in size from laboratory to production scale and are custom-engineered for specific processing.

To view a copy of the brochure, visit http://www.netzschusa.com/g_literature02.htm . For more information, call (610) 363-8010, fax (610) 363-0971, e-mail grinding@netzschusa.com or visit http://www.netzschusa.com .