Ceramic Industry

NETZSCH Inc.: Dewatering Filtration System

December 12, 2001
The Filtration Division of NETZSCH Inc., under license from Ishigaki, LTD, has introduced the NETZSCH CONTIPRESS, a fully automatic dewatering filtration system. The CONTIPRESS offers continuous filtration with simple and safe operation. Due to its slow revolutions (0.5 to 2.0 rpm), this machine produces a very low noise level during operation and requires low power consumption. High quality designed structural components guarantee a long service life and low maintenance costs. Available in eleven different sizes, the NETZSCH CONTIPRESS is ideal for municipal applications and many other dewatering slurries and suspensions. The sludge cake that is produced after thickening, dewatering and squeezing through the CONTIPRESS is continuously discharged. No manpower is necessary to operate the system. A trial unit is available for on-site dewatering tests to demonstrate performance.

For more information, call (610) 363-8010, fax (610) 363-0971 or e-mail filterpress@netzschusa.com.